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Barbara Anne Lacy Hough’s journey: March 8, 2011 – February 17, 2014

Posted on: March 8, 2011

This began on March 8, 2011, and it chronicles Mom’s three year journey at Howard County General and Lorien Mt. Airy.  I’ve been posting to this blog LONGER after her death than before!    So hard to believe.  And yet, almost 40,000 hits?!  Wow.  Thank you~!  I know Mom is happy that the blog continues communications with family and friends.  She was such an extrovert and I know she is enjoying knowing her legacy of connecting people lives on!  Love, Laura


46 Responses to "Barbara Anne Lacy Hough’s journey: March 8, 2011 – February 17, 2014"

Thank you for creating this site to communicate with Anne’s large network of friends

Janet, you are a rock star for setting this up for us. We look forward to officially welcoming you to the family soon.

Hey Anne, wishing you well…I know being in the hospital this long is sooooooo frustrating…..just know that you are getting better and hopefully will be going home soon…..As a side trip, I am going to tell you the latest with Molly. She is 14-1/2 months. She is walking everywhere and babbles…she says mama, dada, baby and bbs- which stands for blueberry muffins which she loves and fresh blueberries which she loves (organic of course). I am trying to teach her to say G-Mom….working on that one. She smiles a lot and is a very determined little one….we have all known someone like that….right???….Anyway, as you have said in prior communications, being a grandma is the best….each new stage brings some wonderment and joy….my goal is to enjoy each stage and take the time to help her discover….I even let her put her fingers in a carton of yogurt….”just because” she wanted to….what the heck to let her feel the consistency and smell the content…not just eat it…Anyway, I think through this journey, I am going to learn new things about myself as a person which is great as well as enjoy my little love….more to come….Feel better…Love, Gina

My Dear friend Anne, I am sending my thoughts and prayers to you for a speedy recovery. I miss seeing you and talking to you. Bridget and I need our Bingo partner back!! =) Keep fighting like I know you will and get well soon. I love you and hope to hear great news really soon!!

Dear Mom,

I truly miss our monthly lunch dates. Praying for you!

Love, Rick

Hey Sweetie, I am so very grateful that your family has provided this opportunity for us to know what’s going on with you and to allow us to communicate with you. Wayne (MY caller) has been remarkable keeping Jim and me updated as difficult as I know it has been for him. So my huge thanks tojim, Laura, Janet and Randy for all they’ve done and are doing to keep us all in the loop. You are so very loved by so many people, evidenced by the gazillion birthday and Christmas cards you receive each year, and we all want to pray for you and wish you a complete recovery. We also pray for your family because I know this has been a scary time for them. I’m so encouraged by the fact that you are “up” on Charlie Sheen. Heaven knows, he needs all the help he can get!! Love you and miss talking to you. Keep fighting – you’re strong and CAN overcome this. Denise (and Jim)

We are pulling for you Annie. I know you will beat this, it couldn’t be any other way. And I KNOW you just love being in the hospital and missing your hair appointment, among other things, that you so look forward to. Friends and family are so important, never more so than at a time like this. Get well. We love you. Jim (and Denise)

Dear Barbara Anne,

So sorry to hear you’ve been hospitalized, but I am praying for your speedy recovery. Hang in there and remember how many people love you and wish you and your family all the best in the days ahead.

Love and prayers,


Hey dear friend, I’m looking forward to a nice long phone conversation when you can convince someone to give you your phone!!

You, and your family surrounding you, have been in my thoughts and prayers since Wayne’s first phone call. I know you are a strong lady who is taking your job of getting well seriously. You are so fortunate to have such a loving family and circle of friends and I am glad to have been part of that circle for over 50 years!

I will be checking on your daily progress and am so grateful for this opportunity to stay in touch. Know that I love you.


My dear cousin Barbara…I am so grateful for this method of keeping up with your progress, but “what’s a great gal like you doin’ in a place like THAT??. Have missed your e-mail messages and prayed the reason was NOT health; now we will pray daily for your steady recovery and return to ‘normal’, if you recall what that is. We are headed to Naples FL tomorrow for a week, but will check in with Blog when we return. Please rest & get well. Love you much, Bev

OMG….How dare this happen to YOU! When I called to thank you for your checks, Wayne told me you were taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, we were on our way to Florida and got home on March 4; with our grandchildren (and parents) staying with us from the 4th until the 7th. Enough of my blah, blah, blah.

You are, and have been, in our thoughts and prayers, sweetheart, and we had hoped you were back home recovering since we had not heard anything, but NOOOOOOOO. You must be wowing and entertaining the doctors with your wit, stories and perkiness. Just a few of your qualities we all love about you. I’m thankful for receiving and being a part of your Blog.

Love and Super Duper Hugs…. Connie and Paul

Barbara dear – You’ve really had a tough time and I am so-o-o glad to hear that you’re doing better. It sounds like you have wonderful support and apparently a great medical staff and I’ll be praying that you are able to kick this infection and get back on your beloved telephone…what did we ever do without them?? Remember the long letters Ma Lacy, Alice, Marge, etc. used to “round robin” around the family to catch up on news?! Oh, the wonders of the computer (of which I know so little)! We are well for the most part; my Debra just got her prosthesis back on yesterday for the first time since early December and was able to stand and walk babysteps between bars in the rehab…a great day for her – it will be a couple of weeks before she gets to go home. I’ll be praying that you’ll make it out of there by that time also.
Love and hugs Anne

I am so sorry to hear of your recent health issues. Sounds as if you have a lot of loving support and that is key. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Barb

Hi Annie & Wayne,
BIG HUGS!!! So sorry to hear about the rough times, we are praying and pulling for you. I’ll add you and your family to St. Mike’s Prayer chain and get all the thousands of parisioners praying for you too.
Spring’s just around the corner so we need you tuned up for tea and gossip.

Love you,
Randy & Jane

Dear Anne,
So sorry to hear of your illness and pray for your speedy recovery. We are thankful for the blog to be able to hear of your progress and to Laura for the email notice. Hope you are home and ready to receive visitors soon. We love you and keep you in our prayers.
Brenda & Tom

You are a remarkable woman just like your daughter. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I know that you are determined enough (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) to be up and out of there soon.

Cindy Coto


I am so thankful that his blog was created so I can follow your progress and know how to pray for you and your recovery. You are a fighter and I believe with all my heart that you will persevere and we will be having lunch very soon. We have a lot of catching up to do! Our little Ella Pate Gaither was born on February 25 and we have just returned from South Carolina to visit her. She looks a lot like Emily (as Caroline did when she was born) and both are doing well.

Love and prayers, my dear friend,

Dear Barbara – I was shocked to learn of your illness. I’ve been traveling and when I did not get mail from you when I returned, thought you were probably travelilng too, but not to a hospital. I am so glad your family has set up this blog to let your many friends know what is happening. I hope I will be hearing from you personally soon. Love and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. Bobbie (the bridesmaid)

So glad to have this blog to check on you – I’ve been keeping up with you via Facebook before this. I am praying for you and know you will be home soon! Keep the faith – I love you Auntie!

My coffee just doesn’t taste as good without you to share in our ritual conversations and confidences. You know technology and I are not warm friends, but then I guess the phone was once new technology and that’s what keeps us connected. So I am happily blogging/slogging along. This is a rare time in your life when you are permitted to receive help from others though I know it’s not your style. You have always given so much to others which is why you have so many who love you. I know Laura is a take charge person and I’m sure she’s holding everyone accountable for your best possible care. Also, your Wayne will do anything for you, so you are in the best of hands. We pray for you and love you. Be talking to you again.

Hi Genn,

We are just back from three weeks in Colorado with intermittent email access. I’m sorry to hear you’re still in the hospital! I hope you got the card we sent from CO. We will keep praying for you and your recovery.

Kara & Forrest

Hey Anne, how about some Irish Whiskey on the coffee swab…it is St. Pat’s day…..Wedding in 9 days…still lots to do..will send pix after 3/26 ceremony/reception. Something that always makes me feel good is thinking about rainbows…beautiful colors, a spectacular nature showcase….just still trying to find those little guys with the pot of gold….You continue to be in my thougths and prayers…..

Another week without my confidant! What’s a girl to do? Luckily for us all, the blog keeps us connected. My nephew, Aaron, came for his “look-see” trip regarding attending FL State. A few things have changed for him which makes the transition iffy now: he has a sports writers position on the school paper, he was promoted to a store manager at the eatery where he works, and he and his girlfriend are back together after a breakup that I wasn’t aware of. At this point, I think the weather is the only enticement left for him, so we’ll see. School is about the same along the lines that we have previously spoken–have two more “unbelieveable” stories to share. What is this world coming to? State testing is about three weeks away. It looks like Florida is going to the merit pay system, but I don’t know yet how long it will take to put into effect. All it needs is good ole Governor Scott’s signature and everyone knows he wants it since we’re running Florida like a business. The Xellers are going to Disney in May, so we may take a couple of days to meet them there. I’m due for a dose of my little uns. Of course, you remain in my prayers as well as your entire family. Sounds like you’re still calling some shots there–way to go!!
Much love,

Hi Annie, I so love the updates Laura posts so faithfully and I also enjoy reading the blogs from your friends, none of whom I’ve met but whom I feel so close to thru you. And we all have our friendship with you in common. Had some snow on the ground this morning – I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo about Spring, but it melted quickly. It looked and sounded like it was raining as the sun melted the snow off the rooftops. Michael and Hazel plan to come up a week from tomorrow (Tuesday) to spend some time checking out various venues at Tahoe for the wedding. One of them I want to take them to is now the Hyatt. In the early 70’s it was called The King’s Castle with all you can conjure up for decor, costumes and the like. Anyway, it could very have been the place where Michael was conceived. That may be too much information for my conservative, easily embarrassed son to hear, so I’ll think on that one some more. Hazel would love it! They make a good pair. Anyway, he plans to drive up and this time of year there needs to be a backup plan which would, of course, be to fly. He has a new car which I’m sure he’d love to drive up and show Jim, but they’ll have to wait for a more comprehensive forecast. Re Jim, he finally got hired permanently, but it a was little anti-climactic. No more money, unfortunately, but it is a paycheck and we are very grateful. I think he feels a little insulted at what they are paying, what with his experience and the fact that out of the three techies there, the other two having been there much longer, Jim’s to go-to guy whenever there is any sort of computer issue. He makes things happen and makes them happen well and quickly. Anyway, as I said, we are grateful!! I hope you’re having a very good day, m’dear. You, Wayne and Laura are remembered daily in many prayers and I know Lacey must be missing you like crazy and wondering where you are. Thanks to all of them, Robin too, for taking such very good care of you. Much Love, Denise (and Jim)

Hi Gorgeous, Just a hello, I love you and miss you. I hope it’s a beautiful day there. Monday’s just aren’t the same without hearing your voice, listening to your stories and hearing Lacey bark her goodnights to Wayne. Get well, please, my phone misses you. Love, Denise (and Jim)

Dear Sweet Anne,
I tried using the blog once before and my note did not go through, so here I go again. So glad you are doing better and I hope each day is a day closer to coming home.
Don’t rush it though because you want to be completely well so you don’t need to return to the hospital. Recovery is difficult because we want it to go fast.
Don’t know if you know it,but, you watch Idol with me every week. I think it is especially good this year. I never thought I would say this but I really don’t miss Simon. I think the new judges are doing a good job.
Anne, I keep you close in my heart and pray for your quick recovery.
As always, love ya.

Andy….we are thinking of you all the time. Reagan was so happy when Uncle Wayne stopped by last week with Lacy. Oh my does that little girl love your puppy dog!! She told me how you need to get better NOW so she can come over and visit you and your “precious little doggie.”..her words, not mine 🙂 I would listen to her if I were you!! She’s a tough nut, you know those Hough genes! Love always, Lindsay, Jason, Andrew and Reagan

Hello my dear…we are soooo happy to hear the wonderful news that you are improving so beautifully. Laura keeps us very well informed and the girl can make us chuckle. We hope today’s move goes very well and we look forward to more good news. We love you, Denise and Jim

Hey – LOVED the pictures! I can’t imagine how happy you must have been to see Jeff! He worked his magic considering the circumstances under which he “performed”. You look happy and beautiful!

Michael and Hazel did not come up Tuesday as they had planned – there was just too much snow at Tahoe for them to see anything, so they postponed until Thursday and drove up then, arriving mid-afternoon. It was a busy few days – Michael worked some so Hazel and I did some shopping Friday then celebrated Michael’s birthday that evening. All of us went to a movie Saturday – “Limitless” – out to dinner afterward, and they left late Sunday morning. While Hazel and I had some time Saturday, we went to a bridal shop here in town – she wanted to try on some gowns. Found out, or rather confirmed, that she and I have very different tastes (although things I’ve bought her she’s liked). She tried on 6 gowns, two of which were perfect for her! They flattered her figure, were elegant, and, surprizingly, not overly expensive. She was only “ok” with those two. I sure hope she rethinks the day and sees how beautiful she was in that style gown. She’s too small for a ball gown and eliminated that style from the outset, and the two that were so perfect for her were “column” style. Anyway, she told the receptionist at the shop that they were planning a late September (2012) wedding. Michael has inferred (or implied – never get that right) that Tahoe was losing ground in favor of San Jose for various reasons (for the wedding), but before they left, said they would be back up in June when a lot (hopefullY) of the snow will be melted to take a look at the different venues at Tahoe. So, it’s all still very much undecided.

(Both our laptops are broken and I’m using Michael’s notebook which is really tiny, so please excuse any errors. I feel I’ve made many, but hopefully caught most of them.)

Laura seems to like your new “digs” so we very hopeful you’re comfortable. We know you’re being well taken care of – there are too many people to answer to if not. I certainly would not want to answer to Wayne, Laura or Robin if I were the staff person that didn’t do my job!

Anyway, we’re thrilled with the progress you’re making and hope you’ll be home soon to see Miss Lacey and fully recover.

Love you,
Denise and Jim

Hey, Anne. Just want to send a hug your way. Your’re in my thoughts and prayers daily.
Just one more day of testing for the students and then our whole hallway has to move to other classroom locations for the remainder of the year. Some powers decided that nows the time to start replacing the heating and air system in our building which requires ripping out the ceilings. There’s a lot of work ahead which I’ve been trying to do somewhat while at the same time getting the kids ready for this testing. Yikes, but there’s a lot to do! We’ll be in this tiny little room where the kids could easily hold hands as the rows are so close together. It will be interesting.
Keep up the good fight. We’re all cheering you on with all our hearts.


Hi Dear Friend,

I so appreciate the blog allowing me to keep abreast of your progress. You have a wonderful family and we all appreciate their efforts in keeping we your friends, informed.

I am tired of trying to figure out who you would choose to win the Idol contest, so you need to recover so we can talk about it on the phone. I can’t choose who I like best because they are all so awesome. I was disappointed when Pia was voted off. I love Steven Tyler and like the panel more than the old one. At least Jennifer Lopez is articulate and to the point unlike Paula Abdul.

It’s me again – I hit the send button before I was finished. I am so electronically challenged!! Anyway, my friend, get well and overcome this obstacle attacking you. How dare it !!!

Thinking of you often and missing you,


Mom says she will be missing you especially tomorrow night (Saturday) at 10 pm.

Hello, Just wanted to say Hi and I hope you’re having a good day. You are so often in our thoughts. Jim and I thought of you at exactly the same instant last night. We were out getting a bite of dinner and you popped into my mind the second before he pulled out his cell phone to see if we had received Laura’s update. Keep getting better and better, m’dear. We all want you home and back to your routine. Much love, Denise (and Jim)

Mom says to tell you that Mondays aren’t the same without a 10:45 pm call to Reno.

Ok, I’ve recovered! I’m way too emotional for my own good! I am thrilled that I was on your list of people to call and that you are regaining your voice. Keep getting better and better, know that we love you, and I can’t wait to tell Jim you called.


Hi Anne, just wanted to hop in to wish you a very Happy Easter! I am so thankful that you are getting better and making great strides. Being up and about in a chair, getting the “pic line” are all wonderful positive signs….wishing you continued healing. Tomorrow Joe and I pick up Molly from other grandma and grandpa. She will be with us until Wednesday evening. Ryan and Sean are in Costa Rico. Looking forward to having her. The Easter Bunny came by early and so I have her Easter basket all readied. Went to Whole Foods yesterday to get all the organic fruits and a couple of pumpkin muffins ( her current fav) for her. Also have a key to the neighborhood pool so that we can take a dip. Daytime highs are already in the 90’s (way too warm).

Have a good Saturday!!


Hi Anne,

This is such a great idea to have a blog so we can all keep up with your progress. Laura is doing a wonderful job of keeping us informed. My thanks to her. I hope you will be able to go home soon.

We are having Easter dinner at Susan’s tomorrow. Jennifer is doing all the cooking. She is a great cook, but boy, will it be crowded over there. There seems to be trouble in paradise at son Jay’s house. I don’t know if this marriage is going to last or not. I am staying out of it. I support my son, but I can’t fix everyone’s problems, like Jay (husband) seems to think he can.
My “happy pills” are still working and I won’t let anything disturb their effectiveness! I didn’t like that black hole.

Don’t know if I told you, I signed up for a couple of on-line courses. I took Beginning Writing which I finished and now am taking Descriptive Writing. I had to submit a one page short story for the final of the first one. When you are up to it, I will send you a copy of it. It’s not perfect, but it was fun writing it.

Sammy surprised us all by getting a good progress report from school. She wants to come over and visit again. Oh God!!

I am starting to like James Durbin a lot on Idol, but I also like Casey. They are all so talented it is hard to pick, but I have a lot of respect for Durbin for not letting the Taurettes Syndrome stop him from performing. It seems like his symptoms are facial and not vocal which is good.

Get better my friend, we all miss the “Anne” in our lives, even if it is just by phone or the occasional lunch.

Love and Hugs,

SO sorry I missed your call yesterday. BTW, Wayne sounded so good. With your improved state, I’m sure he’s relaxing quite a bit. Keep getting better. When you get better, everyone else gets better. Off to Bible Study this morning. Only two more Wednesdays and we break for the summer, and I’m happy to close the book on Isaiah! Acts is next. Have a good day – hope you have a window to look outside and I hope you see Spring out that window. Love You, Denise and Jim






Looks like you are in good hands – especially with Laura taking care of those who take care! Good luck and I’m praying for you. Will put you on our church prayer list tomorrow morning!

Just want to say Hi and to ask Laura to please wish Wayne a Happy Father’s Day for us. I hope you’re having a comfortable day wrapped in the love from all your friends and the people who care about you. Gorgeous day here and I hope there also. Love You, Denise and Jim

Keeping track of your progress – hope you get closer to home soon. Good luck, am keeping you in my prayers.

LOL Sherry

I hope this means Babs is closer to home now! I now how important that is. Love to all of you!

So glad you are making good progress! Prayers must be working!
Love to you all, as usual!

Barb & Wayne ,Hope 2012 deals you a much better hand than 2011 !! We miss your annual visits . Sonny needs to have his aortic valve replaced . We went over to Cedars-Sinai in Nov. and now we have an appt. feb. 16 to go to Los Angeles again .Not sure what happens there ! Cynthia became a grandmother and I became a great grandma [ a boy ] Now we are expecting another great grandchild – a girl this time ! I also joined you in the octogenarian club ! Best wishes for the both of you . Love from Maridell & Sonny

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